Sunday, 5 November 2017

So much fun redux

Let me start off by telling you about something called a Tattoo, now, to most people, a tattoo is a picture that someone has inked on to their bodies. It's supposed to be "art" but to me, it's just gross and ruins what is beautiful in its original wrapper.
The Tattoo I'm referring to is military in origin and used to be called a TapToe. Way back when soldiers used to go into towns and hang out in taverns, this is known as being "off base" in military terms. Well, to get all those, now drunk, soldiers back to base a regimental drummer would march up and down the street calling out TapToe, or "Turn off the Taps", this was a two-part signal. The first part was to tell the tavern and innkeepers to stop serving drinks, and second for the soldiers to return to base (usually a camp outside of the town). Eventually, other instruments were added, such as the fife. Soon there was a whole military band marching along the streets, and soldiers would fall in and march behind the band back to camp. This became known as a Tattoo, military bands and pipes and drums putting on a show to entertain the townspeople.
Last week me, daddy and granty Flo went to see one of the oldest and longest running Tattoos, it wasn't live (but that would have been awesome), but they did show it on a big movie screen in a theatre, so it was almost like being there. The event is called the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (Royal because the Queen has given her approval for it). In fact, the officers who were the special guests (they returned the salutes as the performers marched off) were HRH Prince Charles and one of his sons Prince William.
Me and daddy hope that this will start a new tradition of showing the Tattoo here on a movie screen, and faint hope though it is, actually bringing the Tattoo here live.
The poster for the Tattoo
In my Stroller at the theatre

Okay, now to one of my many favorite holidays, Halloween. Daddy was excited to show off his brand new costume, he'd only worn it once before, back in September for Fan Expo. And he added a few things to it since then, so this was the first chance he'd gotten to put it all together. Daddy was grumbling to himself when we were at the street party, people kept calling him Boba Fett, neither of his costumes aren't even close to being like Fett's. True the two characters are both from Mandalore and both are bounty hunters, but that is where the similarities end. In fact, Boba isn't even a true Mandalorian, he's a clone of Jango Fett, who was the basis for the clone army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.
Whoops, went off on a rant, but we need people to know there are more characters wearing that kind of armor then just two guys, there's a whole planet.
Anyway, me and daddy hung out at granty Flo's place until it was time to go over to the party, which means I got to run around and explore her place. That's really fun because there are so many little places I can hide and pop out and scare them, plus her place isn't bunny proofed like my house is.
We don't have a picture of daddy in his costume from Halloween, we asked granty Flo to take it, but she messed the picture up completely.
Daddy's new weapon for his costume

It's not going to look like this when he gets finished with it.
A better idea of what it will look like, the parts under the green tape are going to be painted silver.

In my stroller on Halloween, daddy added lights so everyone could bask in my awesomeness.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

We're going to MARS!!!

Okay, well, we aren't really going to Mars. But our names are going there. Daddy found a site where he submitted our names for a mission called InSight, it's going to be launched in May next year. The mission will land at the Elysium Planitia (Plain of Ideal Happiness), the mission will see what Mars is made of under the surface.
Back to our names, the names will be etched onto a microchip. It's the second chip with names that will go to Mars, the first chip already has over 10,000 names on it.
Elysium Planitia is just to the right of Elysium Mons
Each person that submits their name gets a boarding pass, so these are the ones we've got.
This is my little cousin's pass, he just turned 4 years old last Sunday (October 15th)

My older cousins pass

My pass

Chewies pass

daddy's pass
You can submit your names here.

Daddy got a new piece for his costume, he's working on incorporating it into the rest of his costume. He's got two weeks to go until Halloween to get it ready.
The glove didn't come with it.
This is what the underside of the device looks like
Do you see the pointed part?

That pointed part is a hidden blade, the skull is the button that activates the blade
This is what the blade looks like from above.
Daddy is going to paint the blade to look like it's a lightsaber.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

So much fun

Last Sunday me and daddy took grandpa to see the Toronto Marlies play (my favorite hockey team), they were playing the Utica Comets (Utica is east of Syracuse in New York State). Grandpa hardly gets to go anywhere fun like sports, so that's the reason we took him. Although he was a little grumpy because of some lights that were shining around the arena, he thought they were from some people on the opposite side of the arena shining the lights from their cell phones, but they were actually part of the scoreboard. Daddy explained to me that grandpa had an operation on his eyes, and he likely couldn't see clearly enough to figure out where the lights were actually coming from.

When we left, which was midway through the 3rd period, the game was tied at 3. When we got home, we found out that the Marlies won 4-3. We are also going to another game in a few months (February 10th) that's the Marlies Star Wars night, which means we get to dress up in our Star Wars costumes and watch hockey at the same time.

Here's some pictures that daddy took.

You might notice a couple of new stuffies in my stroller
Daddy got me a bunch of new Star Wars stuffies a few weeks ago.
This is BB-9E, the First Order version of BB-8

This is a Porg, it's one of the species that inhabits the island where Luke Skywalker lives

I also got a new Artoo

photobombing my Porg
Me and daddy are going to be doing some reading soon, he got a book for us to read together.
The book me and daddy are going to start reading soon, I gotta learn about my past.
I got a couple of new lightsabers, daddy is going to use them too.
It's a pen set, and their so much cooler

They light up, the blue pen writes in blue ink, and the red writes in red ink.
I also got a new stuffie when we were at the game.
This is Duke the Dog, he's the mascot for the Marlies

He's cute, for a dog
On our way out of the arena to get our ride home, we stopped to talk to a nice lady, she gave us a very special collectors coin.
This is the coin celebrating 100 years of Maple Leaf hockey
Daddy has put this coin in with the rest of our collectibles, we're going to see if we can find something to put it in to protect it.

Daddy says that we are going to a reunion this Saturday, it's to celebrate 50 years of his old highschool, they are going to be opening a time capsule that they sealed a long time ago. Daddy doesn't know if we will meet any of his old friends from when he went to the school, but at least we might know a couple of people there.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Execute order 66

That title is from Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, and the order was to the clonetroopers to kill all of the Jedi.

The number 66 is also important today too, but for a whole other, more happier, reason. Because today Mr Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself, turns 66 years old. So join me in wishing the Last Jedi a very happy birthday.
My grandma, my human cousin, Mark Hamill, Daddy and I'm hiding in my stroller.
Daddy says that on Wednesday we are going to Fort York, I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that a special athletic event was coming to our city, the event is called The Invictus Games, it's for people who have served in the military and were injured in some way.
Wednesday is the start of the Archery competition (and it's free to get in). Daddy says that we might get to meet Royalty when we are there. The guy that started the games is Prince Harry, little brother to Prince William (yes those Princes), HRH Harry has been seen around the city at some of the events, so there is a very good chance that he might be there when we go.

Last Sunday (so yesterday), me and daddy went with granty Flo to a book festival called Word on the Street, now the weird thing is this festival isn't on a street, but daddy tells me that three years ago it actually did close down a street, but moved to the other location, which is even harder to get to.
The book with all the vendors in it
I was just a little extra grumpy yesterday, it was rather hot out.
Daddy did put a frozen bottle and my fan, so it was a little better.
Daddy has a few friends who are constantly bashing Muslims and Islam, saying they are all terrorists. But daddy knows better, Islam is a peaceful religion, the terrorists don't follow the true meaning of Islam. I'm not going to go into a huge tangent over religion on my blog, just know that all religions are peaceful (although I'm not so sure about the Jedi). Anyway, daddy also got two books, a guide to Islam and the Quran (the Islamic version of the Bible).

He also got a kit that shows how to make a book.
This is a book making kit, it shows how to fold pages, make the covers, and bind the spine.
Daddy is going to scan everything, so he can make more of them.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Well, Sunday was a lot of fun. But before I go into that, I want to do a couple of other things.
Yesterday (September 12th) is my grandma's birthday, so I want to wish her a very hoppy birthday.
Okay, now that that is all out of the way I can go on to tell you all about my exciting weekend. We'll start with Saturday, that was the day of the Beach Celtic Festival. Granty Flo did get there, but rather late, and Uncle Tim came by for a few minutes to say hi. Granty Flo takes Wheel-Trans too, and she had scheduled her pickup time for exactly the same time as us, which was 1730 (5:30pm), but our ride came first about 15 minutes before our pickup time, which left granty Flo sitting on the sidewalk waiting for her ride to show up. There wasn't much we could do for her, our destinations were in opposite directions, daddy called her yesterday and she did get home safely

Now for my favorite day of the weekend, BUNDAY!!!!! errrr Sunday!!!! Which was the 10th annual BUNFEST!!!!!!!!!!!
It was SUPER AWESOME, we were picked up by daddy's friend, my new uncle Andrew in his car. It took a few minutes to get everything loaded, with a little bit of "trunk Tetris" we managed to fit my stroller in there. I also rode in the carseat I mentioned in my last blog, it was kind of scary at first, but daddy put it in a spot where I could see him and he could see me.
This is an old picture of Sunki in the carseat, but you get the idea
When we got to Bunfest, uncle Andrew gave daddy the $60 he owed him, and daddy gave me $20 to spend on toys (but I had to buy two of every toy so that Chewbacca got a toy too). Daddy also said that he would buy the treats for us, more on the toys and treats later.
This year daddy didn't volunteer, and managed to get through the day without any of the major problems he had in previous years. He thinks it's due to the increase in the medication his doctor gave him, and not having to worry about producing anything. We might try to volunteer, doing the same job as previous years (taking pictures and video for my blog) only scaling back on everything and not trying to stay the whole day.

Okay, now I get to show everyone our haul from Bunfest.
I bought:
2 willowballs
2 willowrings
2 seagrass mats
Daddy bought
1 box banana muffin cookies (our favorites)
1 bag of willow leaves and twigs
4 bags of oat groats

Daddy also had professional pictures taken of me, we don't have those yet, but they should come in an email fairly soon. In the mean time here is a picture of Sunki in his professional picture taken quite some time ago.
He's wearing his supercape in this picture.
When I got my picture done I had my Darth Vader shirt on (I hope the lady got that in at least one picture).
But daddy did take a couple of pictures of me that I can share with everyone right now.
No bunny wants to play with me, I need treats to cheer up with.
This was so boring, nothing to advise daddy on what to do.
 The wonderful lady that runs Bunfest took a really great picture of daddy, she didn't get me in the picture, but she did get my stroller.
Daddy had to use a computer trick to get this picture.
But, as you can see from these pictures, me and daddy had on our matching t-shirts.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Fan Expo and other events

Last Sunday (September 3rd) me and daddy went to Fan Expo again, unlike the previous few years we went on our own. Sure it was a little scary for daddy at first, but he was excited to show off his new costume.

Now, before I go into details about what happened on Sunday, I should tell you about the adventure we had last Thursday. Me and daddy took Wheel-Trans ALL the way out to almost where grandma lives, there's a costume shop out there that has the helmet daddy likes, then we went all the way back across the city to another bunch of stores. Daddy picked up some special paint, and some brushes, and picked up some more food for me and Chewie and a new food bin (one doesn't hold enough food for the two of us for a month).

This is what the helmet looks like fresh out of the package.

Side view of the same helmet
Now, from Thursday until Saturday night daddy worked on painting the helmet to match his new costume.
That's daddy's new costume on the left, it's still a Mandalorian bounty hunter, only camouflaged.
The other guy standing with daddy is Lando Calrissian, in the words of Han Solo "He's a card player, gambler, scoundrel."

Daddy also picked up a few new weapons for his costumes, you see the two red things sticking up, those are two throwing knives.
Not to worry, they're plastic
He also added a shirken to his bladed weapons.
This is what it looked like when daddy bought it.
This is what it looks like after daddy painted it.
We also got a picture with a slimy space slug
I don't like that creature, the slug or the monkey looking thing
We also came across some of the leading ladies from Star Wars
These girls are just missing one, Padme, then it would be a complete set.
From right to left, Jyn Erso (Rogue One), Princess Leia Organa-Solo, and two Rey's, the one with the lightsaber is from Force Awakens, and the one with the staff is from later in the same movie when she goes in search of Luke Skywalker.

Speaking of Star Wars movies and new creatures, episode 8 The Last Jedi has a new critter.
This thing here is a Porg, they inhabit the island that Luke is on.
Oh, and a new droid.

This is BB-9E a First Order BB unit (like BB-8) only so much cooler.
I'm not sure how either of these things fit into the movie, but there's only 99 more days until we find out.

The two spinners that daddy had ordered (and hoped would be here for Fan Expo) arrived on Wednesday, 3 days after what daddy wanted them for. Oh, well, at least they are here now and daddy can get to work making them fit with his costumes.
All three spinners that will go with daddy's costumes, the top two are the new ones.

Daddy painted them to fit better with the theme of his costume, he's just got to put some finishing touches to them.

On Saturday me and daddy are going to the Beach Celtic Festival, Granty Flo is going to come too, and Uncle Tim says he may pop around too.
But, it's Sunday I'm really looking forward to. Sunday is BUNFEST!!!!!!!!! 
The poster for the event.
Unlike previous years, we won't be volunteering this year, we're just going for the fun (and to get toys and treats). And daddy's new friend (that we met last year at Fan Expo, introduced by uncle Tim) is going to drive us there and back and hang out with us until it's time to go. But just because we aren't covering Bunfest officially this year, we're still going to get lots of pictures for this blog.
Oh, and daddy says I may have to ride in the carseat that Sunki had, I'm not sure about that idea, I like cuddling with daddy when we go around town and I can't sit in my stroller.