Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Well, Sunday was a lot of fun. But before I go into that, I want to do a couple of other things.
Yesterday (September 12th) is my grandma's birthday, so I want to wish her a very hoppy birthday.
Okay, now that that is all out of the way I can go on to tell you all about my exciting weekend. We'll start with Saturday, that was the day of the Beach Celtic Festival. Granty Flo did get there, but rather late, and Uncle Tim came by for a few minutes to say hi. Granty Flo takes Wheel-Trans too, and she had scheduled her pickup time for exactly the same time as us, which was 1730 (5:30pm), but our ride came first about 15 minutes before our pickup time, which left granty Flo sitting on the sidewalk waiting for her ride to show up. There wasn't much we could do for her, our destinations were in opposite directions, daddy called her yesterday and she did get home safely

Now for my favorite day of the weekend, BUNDAY!!!!! errrr Sunday!!!! Which was the 10th annual BUNFEST!!!!!!!!!!!
It was SUPER AWESOME, we were picked up by daddy's friend, my new uncle Andrew in his car. It took a few minutes to get everything loaded, with a little bit of "trunk Tetris" we managed to fit my stroller in there. I also rode in the carseat I mentioned in my last blog, it was kind of scary at first, but daddy put it in a spot where I could see him and he could see me.
This is an old picture of Sunki in the carseat, but you get the idea
When we got to Bunfest, uncle Andrew gave daddy the $60 he owed him, and daddy gave me $20 to spend on toys (but I had to buy two of every toy so that Chewbacca got a toy too). Daddy also said that he would buy the treats for us, more on the toys and treats later.
This year daddy didn't volunteer, and managed to get through the day without any of the major problems he had in previous years. He thinks it's due to the increase in the medication his doctor gave him, and not having to worry about producing anything. We might try to volunteer, doing the same job as previous years (taking pictures and video for my blog) only scaling back on everything and not trying to stay the whole day.

Okay, now I get to show everyone our haul from Bunfest.
I bought:
2 willowballs
2 willowrings
2 seagrass mats
Daddy bought
1 box banana muffin cookies (our favorites)
1 bag of willow leaves and twigs
4 bags of oat groats

Daddy also had professional pictures taken of me, we don't have those yet, but they should come in an email fairly soon. In the mean time here is a picture of Sunki in his professional picture taken quite some time ago.
He's wearing his supercape in this picture.
When I got my picture done I had my Darth Vader shirt on (I hope the lady got that in at least one picture).
But daddy did take a couple of pictures of me that I can share with everyone right now.
No bunny wants to play with me, I need treats to cheer up with.
This was so boring, nothing to advise daddy on what to do.
 The wonderful lady that runs Bunfest took a really great picture of daddy, she didn't get me in the picture, but she did get my stroller.
Daddy had to use a computer trick to get this picture.
But, as you can see from these pictures, me and daddy had on our matching t-shirts.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Fan Expo and other events

Last Sunday (September 3rd) me and daddy went to Fan Expo again, unlike the previous few years we went on our own. Sure it was a little scary for daddy at first, but he was excited to show off his new costume.

Now, before I go into details about what happened on Sunday, I should tell you about the adventure we had last Thursday. Me and daddy took Wheel-Trans ALL the way out to almost where grandma lives, there's a costume shop out there that has the helmet daddy likes, then we went all the way back across the city to another bunch of stores. Daddy picked up some special paint, and some brushes, and picked up some more food for me and Chewie and a new food bin (one doesn't hold enough food for the two of us for a month).

This is what the helmet looks like fresh out of the package.

Side view of the same helmet
Now, from Thursday until Saturday night daddy worked on painting the helmet to match his new costume.
That's daddy's new costume on the left, it's still a Mandalorian bounty hunter, only camouflaged.
The other guy standing with daddy is Lando Calrissian, in the words of Han Solo "He's a card player, gambler, scoundrel."

Daddy also picked up a few new weapons for his costumes, you see the two red things sticking up, those are two throwing knives.
Not to worry, they're plastic
He also added a shirken to his bladed weapons.
This is what it looked like when daddy bought it.
This is what it looks like after daddy painted it.
We also got a picture with a slimy space slug
I don't like that creature, the slug or the monkey looking thing
We also came across some of the leading ladies from Star Wars
These girls are just missing one, Padme, then it would be a complete set.
From right to left, Jyn Erso (Rogue One), Princess Leia Organa-Solo, and two Rey's, the one with the lightsaber is from Force Awakens, and the one with the staff is from later in the same movie when she goes in search of Luke Skywalker.

Speaking of Star Wars movies and new creatures, episode 8 The Last Jedi has a new critter.
This thing here is a Porg, they inhabit the island that Luke is on.
Oh, and a new droid.

This is BB-9E a First Order BB unit (like BB-8) only so much cooler.
I'm not sure how either of these things fit into the movie, but there's only 99 more days until we find out.

The two spinners that daddy had ordered (and hoped would be here for Fan Expo) arrived on Wednesday, 3 days after what daddy wanted them for. Oh, well, at least they are here now and daddy can get to work making them fit with his costumes.
All three spinners that will go with daddy's costumes, the top two are the new ones.

Daddy painted them to fit better with the theme of his costume, he's just got to put some finishing touches to them.

On Saturday me and daddy are going to the Beach Celtic Festival, Granty Flo is going to come too, and Uncle Tim says he may pop around too.
But, it's Sunday I'm really looking forward to. Sunday is BUNFEST!!!!!!!!! 
The poster for the event.
Unlike previous years, we won't be volunteering this year, we're just going for the fun (and to get toys and treats). And daddy's new friend (that we met last year at Fan Expo, introduced by uncle Tim) is going to drive us there and back and hang out with us until it's time to go. But just because we aren't covering Bunfest officially this year, we're still going to get lots of pictures for this blog.
Oh, and daddy says I may have to ride in the carseat that Sunki had, I'm not sure about that idea, I like cuddling with daddy when we go around town and I can't sit in my stroller.

Thursday, 20 July 2017


Sunday night into Monday morning daddy had to be taken to the hospital, he had a very bad head ouchie, and had other things that made him sick. So of course I went with him, and made sure the doctors and nurses took really good care of him.

Daddy has been under a lot of stress lately, and it all hit him Sunday night.

Yesterday daddy was a little more stable, and got cheered up a bit more. A little background, a couple of years ago daddy got a loan, the people that gave him the money over charged a lot of other people too. Last year the company was told that they have to pay their clients back, daddy got an email from the people who were supervising this thing, it said that each person would be getting at least $50, well, the money daddy got was a lot more then $50, it was almost $400!!!! Which instantly put daddy's happy meter way up into the green zone (he had been hovering around the red and yellow zones). So when we got the money we had to take a special piece of paper to some people, and they put the piece of paper into their computer and that made it so daddy could spend the money.

Now, one of the things that was causing daddy to not feel good was the fact that his computer was slowly dying, and everyone knows how much daddy relies on his computer. So our first stop was a store where people sell their things and other people can buy those things, daddy looked at the computers and spotted one that was perfect. After checking it out and making sure it all worked the way it was supposed to, daddy bought it. I am happy to report that the new computer works great and that I'll be able to keep my blog updated a little more often.

Also, as of July 18th 2017, there are 150 days to go until Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi is released in theaters, me and daddy are super excited for that.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Giant ducks and other things

Last Saturday was Canada's 150th birthday, that's really really old. The city had all sorts of events happening, but me and daddy stayed home. But that was okay, because the party went on until Monday. The first place we went to was to see a big boat, daddy says the type of boat is called a frigate, and is part of the Canadian Navy, it's also referred to as a ship... although I'm not sure what the difference is, they both float. The ships name was HMCS (Her Majesties Canadian Ship) Toronto. We couldn't get on board to see what was on deck, they had a rather tall set of stairs to get up there, so we stayed on the land and just took a couple of pictures, plus the lineup was very long.
The bow of the HMCS Toronto

While we were at the location where the Navy ship was, we got to watch a lumberjack show, it was kinda funny to watch.
Red Vs Green, we were on the red side.
After the lumberjack show we got in line to take a shuttle bus across to the other location where the rest of the festival was being held. It took nearly 45 minutes to go between the two places, it should have only taken 10 minutes.
Our tour guide/MC/ride supervisor started asking trivia questions to pass the time, I'll put a few of them in.
1) What is the largest city in Canada by population?
2) What is the largest province?
3) What is the national animal?
Daddy could see that the guy was running out of questions, so he pulled out some of his useless Canadian facts to help out.
1) What is the furthest northern permanent settlement in Canada?
2) What is that settlement used for?
3) What is the furthest non-military settlement in Canada? (that's a hint to our question 1).
4) What kind of plane do the RCAF Snowbirds fly?
5) Where was the AVRO Lancaster (a WW2 bomber) built?
6) Who was in command of the Canadian forces during the early years of the war of 1812?
I am happy to say we stumped almost everyone on most of those questions (I'll include the answers at the bottom of this blog).
Now, once we got to the other location for this festival, daddy had to go get money out of the bank so we could buy stuff (we didn't actually buy anything). This is the part where the giant duck comes in, the organizers decided to bring a big attraction to the harbourfront, it was in the form of a very big, very yellow, rubber duck. Daddy isn't sure of the exact measurements, but he figures it must have stood at least 4 or 5 stories tall. And of course daddy had to make dad jokes about it, like calling it Duckzilla, making references to movies, like "I think we're gonna need a bigger bathtub" (Jaws), or "Ducknado: the quackening" (Sharknado). I just wanted to hide after that first joke.
Yellow head could only be a giant rubber duck.

This is where daddy started with the duck jokes

Okay, now for the answers to those questions.
1) What is the largest city in Canada by population? A: Toronto
2) What is the largest province? A: Quebec
3) What is the national animal? A: The Beaver
4) What is the furthest northern permanent settlement in Canada? A: Alert
5) What is that settlement used for? A: The Dewline, an early warning RADAR station
6) What is the furthest non-military settlement in Canada? (that's a hint to our question 1). A: Tuktoyaktuk, NWT
7) What kind of plane do the RCAF Snowbirds fly? A: CT-114 Tutor jets made by Canadair
8) Where was the AVRO Lancaster (a WW2 bomber) built? AV ROE (later the E was dropped) the factory was at the Northeast corner of what is now Toronto Pearson International Airport.
9) Who was in command of the Canadian forces during the early years of the war of 1812? A: General Sir Issac Brock.

We also got some more Star Wars stuff.
Silicon icecube tray, it's Han Solo frozen in carbonite

This is one of a set of three mouse pads (for the record this is where me and daddy would like to vacation right now).

Chewy got a late birthday present, a Chewbacca T-shirt

Monday, 12 June 2017

Scary happenings

Tuesday last week started as just a normal day, but when daddy got up so we could go shopping that's when things got really scary.

Daddy was getting things ready to go, our pickup with Wheel-Trans was 2:45pm. Daddy was in his bedroom getting dressed, when a big scary fire monster appeared by where daddy had some computer stuff. Both me and Chewbacca started to thump to scare the fire monster away, it didn't work, in fact the fire monster got bigger. Daddy heard our thumps and came to investigate, that's when he saw the fire monster eating his computer stuff. Daddy went out into the hallway, when he came back in he had a red tank thing with a black hose attached to it. He aimed the black hose at the fire monster, and white smoke came out and weakened the fire monster, he shot more white smoke at the fire monster and finally killed it, but the white smoke went everywhere.

Daddy got me and Chewbacca out of our pens, put me in the stroller and Chewy into a carrier and took us out into the hallway where it was safer. Daddy had pulled the fire monster alarm, and the firemen came to make sure the fire monster was really dead (it was). But in doing battle with the fire monster daddy breathed in some of the bad stuff, so the paramedics came and took all of us to the hospital to make sure we were all okay. We couldn't go home, there was still to much bad stuff in the air, so instead we went to stay with my granty Flo.

On Wednesday the air in the apartment was okay, but the white smoke had turned to powder, and it was all over the place. Daddy left Chewy here at home, he was safely in daddy's room in his pen. Daddy grabbed a few items for me and him, then we went back to stay with granty Flo for another night.

Thursday we came back home and waited around the whole day for someone to come clean up, a guy did finally showed up, but all he did was take pictures, ask questions and offer a loud machine thing. Nothing was going to get done about actually cleaning up the aftermath of the fire monster battle. So daddy did it himself, sweeping, then mopping until the stuff was cleaned.

I can now say that everything is sort of back to normal, although one of daddy's computers was destroyed by the fire monster, and his laptop stopped working right (daddy is working on fixing that problem right now and we should be back online with it by next Sunday), I'll post a bigger better blog then (because there's been lots of cool stuff happening).

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Paper work is hard

Yesterday me and daddy went to get something important done, he needed to get his health card renewed. Well, things like that can take a very long time to do (apparently it used to take hours to do something simple like getting a new card). Not anymore, now daddy booked an appointment, we went in, got a little piece of paper, got called to a window, and daddy had his picture taken and that was it, it took less then 5 minutes to get everything done. Of course daddy had figured it would take much longer, so had booked our return trip home for 4:40pm, we were finished just before 3 pm (1 hour and 40 minutes to wait for our pickup). And the mall we had to go to was BORING!!! One long hall, boring stores, no free WiFi anywhere, and very little in the way of places to sit.
Luckily daddy had his gadgets to keep him occupied, oh, and of course he had me too. So we had lunch, daddy had KFC, I had cilantro and dandelions. Daddy sat and ate, and played a game on his tablet, and listened to music (putting his headphones on keeps people from talking to him, or at the very least blocks out the noise).

This weekend is the Victoria Day long weekend, daddy says we might go watch fireworks at a beach (as long as there's a beach, we've had some major flooding along the lakeshore and parts of it are still underwater). Daddy said we might not even get to go over to the islands and his favorite beach until later in the summer, most of the Toronto islands are flooded too (the city says that it might be well into July before they open to the public).

We are going to take it slow and easy for the next few days, it's been very hectic around here lately, and we need some quiet time to ourselves to recover.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Hoppy Star Wars Day

Yep, today is May 4th, which means it is Star Wars Day (because it sounds like May the Force). Daddy and me (and uncle Tim) are going to a big party downtown today. There's gonna be a costume and trivia contests, there's also a raffle for a trip for two to Las Vegas (daddy says that if we won, we wouldn't be going because he couldn't bring me).
Unlike last year, which was sunny and warm, this year is cold and wet, so no pictures outside like last year. There's still going to be plenty of pictures taken though, just that it will be inside.
As of today there's only 224 days to go until Star Wars Episode 8; The Last Jedi opens in theatres, that's only like 7 months to wait, lots of stuff to keep us busy until then.

Last week me and daddy went on a bit of a Star Wars shopping spree, getting two collectable action figures (a Deathtrooper and K-2SO, both from Rogue One). And daddy needed a third pillow, so he also needed a new pillowcase, which we found in a dollarstore (Star Wars themed of course).

Deathtrooper on the right and K2 on the left

The Deathtrooper (from Rogue One)

K2 (also from Rogue One

Daddy got Boba Fett a few years ago for his birthday

The pillowcase, would you believe daddy paid $4 for this!!!
Last Sunday (April 30th) me and daddy went to an awesome cosplay party, the party itself was rather boring, but the place it was held at was pretty awesome. The group that hosted it was the same group that hosted the cosplay beach party last year (the one where daddy had to be taken to the hospital). Well, the one on Sunday was held indoors at a bar, like I said, the party was rather boring, it was the bar that made it worth going. The name of the bar is See-Scape, and it's a theme bar, the theme being Sci-fi. It has video games (Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation) and board games.
Now, before we got Wheel-Trans, we would have had to leave extra early so we could get home (without having to walk a very long way), but because we have Wheel-Trans we were able to stay until 10:30 pm (well past when we would have had to leave to catch the last bus home).

This is one of the themed booths, there's 3 more

Daddy seems to fit in with the decor
Someone was naughty and took a picture of me and my stroller without asking

Daddy sent a message to the person who had posted these pictures.
Tonight we're staying until 11:00 pm. Daddy thinks it's great that he can stay out later then before, and still get home without having to walk a long distance in the dark.
Because this blog is being finished after May 4th, I can go into a little more detail about the party. We got picked up by a Wheel-Trans bus, and driven all the way downtown (without having to transfer between different modes, it used to take an hour, Thursday it was 20 minutes). Me and daddy went in full costume (because we didn't want to haul bags etc around), plus knowing the place where the party was, daddy knew there wasn't much room to store things like that.
Me in my stroller in my costume
Daddy up on stage during the costume contest
 When daddy went up on stage the crowd went wild (he was also the only Mandalorian there).
Daddy won a prize in the contest, this Stormtrooper (this guy is almost one foot tall)

He's slightly taller then I am when I stand on my back feet
 The Stormtrooper is now standing guard outside the door of my pen, as he should be, I mean I am the Emperor.
The top prize went to one of our friends and we have to say that it went to a worthy person (daddy knows how hard he worked on his costume, just as hard as daddy did).
This was from last year, but his costume is just as good now as it was then. (he was dressed as Poe from Force Awakens)

In 6 days it will be daddy's birthday, it's also Mother's day, and my grandma and grandpa's wedding anniversary (oh, it is also a birthday for someone else that without them I wouldn't have my name, I speak of course of George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars). Daddy's not sure what we are going to do or who we might be doing something with, stay tuned to hear what we do.