Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My first blog

Hi everyone,

I'm sure you all used to know and love my big brother who has become one with the Force, Sunki came to me on Friday June 3rd and told me his daddy was going to come get me, and that I needed to show him I was a good choice.

You see, Sunki was the first ever Service Bunny in Ontario, Canada. He had a very important job, which was looking after our daddy, so now it has become my destiny to take Sunki's place at his side.

Sunki still helps us out, appearing as a Force ghost to point us in the right direction.

Like yesterday, daddy was looking for a harness that was small enough to fit me, but that I could grow into. Sunki appeared to us and told us to go to a certain pet store where the perfect harness was waiting for us, and sure enough, there it was hanging on a hook in the store.
He also showed me how good some foods were, I wasn't sure about this one thing. It was white and rather soft and mushy, it didn't look at all like something I should eat. But Sunki told me that it was called a nanner, and was a favorite treat of his. I tried it, I WANT MORE of these nanners!!!! It was so nommy. Sunki told me to wait until I tried something called watermolon, well, I do like water, not sure what a molon is though.

Sunki also told me all about a very nice lady, he called her mommy Louise. She is daddy's sort of girlfriend, she's the one that supplied the parts for my pen. I really want to meet her, according to Sunki she has two of her own bunnies. I'd really like to meet them too.
Out on my first adventure, the world is a big scary place

This was taken on Sunday, only my second full day at my new home

Helping daddy with my Bunspace profile

I think we're done daddy, time to go out on an adventure.

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