Monday, 12 June 2017

Scary happenings

Tuesday last week started as just a normal day, but when daddy got up so we could go shopping that's when things got really scary.

Daddy was getting things ready to go, our pickup with Wheel-Trans was 2:45pm. Daddy was in his bedroom getting dressed, when a big scary fire monster appeared by where daddy had some computer stuff. Both me and Chewbacca started to thump to scare the fire monster away, it didn't work, in fact the fire monster got bigger. Daddy heard our thumps and came to investigate, that's when he saw the fire monster eating his computer stuff. Daddy went out into the hallway, when he came back in he had a red tank thing with a black hose attached to it. He aimed the black hose at the fire monster, and white smoke came out and weakened the fire monster, he shot more white smoke at the fire monster and finally killed it, but the white smoke went everywhere.

Daddy got me and Chewbacca out of our pens, put me in the stroller and Chewy into a carrier and took us out into the hallway where it was safer. Daddy had pulled the fire monster alarm, and the firemen came to make sure the fire monster was really dead (it was). But in doing battle with the fire monster daddy breathed in some of the bad stuff, so the paramedics came and took all of us to the hospital to make sure we were all okay. We couldn't go home, there was still to much bad stuff in the air, so instead we went to stay with my granty Flo.

On Wednesday the air in the apartment was okay, but the white smoke had turned to powder, and it was all over the place. Daddy left Chewy here at home, he was safely in daddy's room in his pen. Daddy grabbed a few items for me and him, then we went back to stay with granty Flo for another night.

Thursday we came back home and waited around the whole day for someone to come clean up, a guy did finally showed up, but all he did was take pictures, ask questions and offer a loud machine thing. Nothing was going to get done about actually cleaning up the aftermath of the fire monster battle. So daddy did it himself, sweeping, then mopping until the stuff was cleaned.

I can now say that everything is sort of back to normal, although one of daddy's computers was destroyed by the fire monster, and his laptop stopped working right (daddy is working on fixing that problem right now and we should be back online with it by next Sunday), I'll post a bigger better blog then (because there's been lots of cool stuff happening).

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Paper work is hard

Yesterday me and daddy went to get something important done, he needed to get his health card renewed. Well, things like that can take a very long time to do (apparently it used to take hours to do something simple like getting a new card). Not anymore, now daddy booked an appointment, we went in, got a little piece of paper, got called to a window, and daddy had his picture taken and that was it, it took less then 5 minutes to get everything done. Of course daddy had figured it would take much longer, so had booked our return trip home for 4:40pm, we were finished just before 3 pm (1 hour and 40 minutes to wait for our pickup). And the mall we had to go to was BORING!!! One long hall, boring stores, no free WiFi anywhere, and very little in the way of places to sit.
Luckily daddy had his gadgets to keep him occupied, oh, and of course he had me too. So we had lunch, daddy had KFC, I had cilantro and dandelions. Daddy sat and ate, and played a game on his tablet, and listened to music (putting his headphones on keeps people from talking to him, or at the very least blocks out the noise).

This weekend is the Victoria Day long weekend, daddy says we might go watch fireworks at a beach (as long as there's a beach, we've had some major flooding along the lakeshore and parts of it are still underwater). Daddy said we might not even get to go over to the islands and his favorite beach until later in the summer, most of the Toronto islands are flooded too (the city says that it might be well into July before they open to the public).

We are going to take it slow and easy for the next few days, it's been very hectic around here lately, and we need some quiet time to ourselves to recover.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Hoppy Star Wars Day

Yep, today is May 4th, which means it is Star Wars Day (because it sounds like May the Force). Daddy and me (and uncle Tim) are going to a big party downtown today. There's gonna be a costume and trivia contests, there's also a raffle for a trip for two to Las Vegas (daddy says that if we won, we wouldn't be going because he couldn't bring me).
Unlike last year, which was sunny and warm, this year is cold and wet, so no pictures outside like last year. There's still going to be plenty of pictures taken though, just that it will be inside.
As of today there's only 224 days to go until Star Wars Episode 8; The Last Jedi opens in theatres, that's only like 7 months to wait, lots of stuff to keep us busy until then.

Last week me and daddy went on a bit of a Star Wars shopping spree, getting two collectable action figures (a Deathtrooper and K-2SO, both from Rogue One). And daddy needed a third pillow, so he also needed a new pillowcase, which we found in a dollarstore (Star Wars themed of course).

Deathtrooper on the right and K2 on the left

The Deathtrooper (from Rogue One)

K2 (also from Rogue One

Daddy got Boba Fett a few years ago for his birthday

The pillowcase, would you believe daddy paid $4 for this!!!
Last Sunday (April 30th) me and daddy went to an awesome cosplay party, the party itself was rather boring, but the place it was held at was pretty awesome. The group that hosted it was the same group that hosted the cosplay beach party last year (the one where daddy had to be taken to the hospital). Well, the one on Sunday was held indoors at a bar, like I said, the party was rather boring, it was the bar that made it worth going. The name of the bar is See-Scape, and it's a theme bar, the theme being Sci-fi. It has video games (Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation) and board games.
Now, before we got Wheel-Trans, we would have had to leave extra early so we could get home (without having to walk a very long way), but because we have Wheel-Trans we were able to stay until 10:30 pm (well past when we would have had to leave to catch the last bus home).

This is one of the themed booths, there's 3 more

Daddy seems to fit in with the decor
Someone was naughty and took a picture of me and my stroller without asking

Daddy sent a message to the person who had posted these pictures.
Tonight we're staying until 11:00 pm. Daddy thinks it's great that he can stay out later then before, and still get home without having to walk a long distance in the dark.
Because this blog is being finished after May 4th, I can go into a little more detail about the party. We got picked up by a Wheel-Trans bus, and driven all the way downtown (without having to transfer between different modes, it used to take an hour, Thursday it was 20 minutes). Me and daddy went in full costume (because we didn't want to haul bags etc around), plus knowing the place where the party was, daddy knew there wasn't much room to store things like that.
Me in my stroller in my costume
Daddy up on stage during the costume contest
 When daddy went up on stage the crowd went wild (he was also the only Mandalorian there).
Daddy won a prize in the contest, this Stormtrooper (this guy is almost one foot tall)

He's slightly taller then I am when I stand on my back feet
 The Stormtrooper is now standing guard outside the door of my pen, as he should be, I mean I am the Emperor.
The top prize went to one of our friends and we have to say that it went to a worthy person (daddy knows how hard he worked on his costume, just as hard as daddy did).
This was from last year, but his costume is just as good now as it was then. (he was dressed as Poe from Force Awakens)

In 6 days it will be daddy's birthday, it's also Mother's day, and my grandma and grandpa's wedding anniversary (oh, it is also a birthday for someone else that without them I wouldn't have my name, I speak of course of George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars). Daddy's not sure what we are going to do or who we might be doing something with, stay tuned to hear what we do.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Something important is happening

This September from 24th to 30th here in Toronto, a type of Olympic games called The Invictus games. The games were created by His Royal Highness Prince Harry in 2014, he started the games to spotlight soldiers who were wounded or injured as a direct result of active service.

There will be over 550 competitors from 17 countries, participating in 12 sports over 6 days.

Now, the reason they are called Invictus Games, well that stems from what Invictus means, it's a Latin word that means unconquered, there's a poem that I think explains it better then I ever could.

By: William Ernest Henley





The motto for the Invictus games is I AM.

Me and daddy are going to be going to as many of the free events as we can.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

More stuff

I've got some pictures and updates on me and daddy's Wheel-Trans rides. So, since my last blog we fixed the problem so we don't need to fold my stroller up and not have room in trunks for our stuff. Daddy had them designate my stroller as a non-folding walker, it is sort of, basically all it means is that we won't get anymore car type rides. Instead, we'll only be riding in the accessible vans and buses.
This is the kind of taxi we won't be using anymore
I really like this kind of bus, it's awesome

I don't really like this kind, I can't see out the windows
 Now, the reason I like those big buses. The windows are low enough to the floor that I can look out the windows while still in my stroller.
The black rubber is the bottom of the window

I can see out the window

There's loads of room for us, plus several more people in the big bus.
We used the regular bus for a very short ride yesterday (it was one stop), it was the first time we'd done so in a very long time (a month). But we got dropped off at one place, and were being picked up a short trip away at a grocery store.

Last weekend was a busy one, Saturday we went to PetSmart to get some toys and a special surprise.
You see that green toy, Sunki had one like that, that's why daddy won't let me have it near water

Don't worry we got a toy for Chewie too

This is what happens when that green toy gets in water, it turns the water into toxic waste

Daddy got us a new kind of hay to try

This is the surprise daddy had, a picture with an Easter Bunny
I'm sorry, but that Easter Bunny SUCKS. It looks like Elmer Fudd hit Bugs Bunny in the face with a shovel. I know the truth, this Easter Bunny was a girl in a costume.

The very next day April 9th was a very important date in history both military and Canadian. 100 years ago the first world war was at a stalemate, both sides had dug in and thousands of miles of trenches had been dug across the French countryside. The Germans had dug in and fortified a ridge in northern France near the town of Vimy. Vimy Ridge was a thorn in the sides of the allies, both the French and British had tried to take it, and both suffered more then 100,000 casualties in the failed attempts. The allied commanders tasked the Canadians to take the ridge, what would be different? The Canadians would use planning, advanced intelligence gathering, and new combat techniques. The Canadians used aerial photography to make new maps of the trenches, they use those maps to make exact scale models of the battlefield, every single man would know the battle plan, from the lowliest infantryman to the highest ranking general.
The artillery launched a nonstop bombardment for weeks in advance of the battle, at 5:30am on April 9th 1917 15,000 Canadian troops (the first time all four Canadian divisions had fought together), went over the top. A creeping artillery barage preceded the infantry. On April 12th, three days later, the Canadian's had taken all of their objectives and taken the heavily fortified ridge. However they suffered heavy losses 10,000 plus killed or wounded.
In my tartan vest

This is a Maxim machine gun that was used by the allies

This is also a Maxim machine gun, only this one was used by the Germans
 Yep, Maxim supplied both sides with machine guns.
The entrance to Fort York

Poppies grew wild in France and thrived on the battlefields because they love to grow in chalk.
 The poppy is where we get the poem "In Flanders Fields" which is read during Remembrance Day November 11th.
This is a Casualty Clearance Center, a first-aid station

Aid stations used triage, sorting the wounded based on severity of their injuries. Triage is still used today in modern hospitals, which is why someone gets taken in before you, even though you arrived first.

WW1 was the first war where motorized vehicles were used alongside horses

Horses gave way to horsepower

Now horses are used more in a ceremonial roll

Tomorrow me and daddy are going to my Granty Flo's place to watch movies, then on Sunday we are going to watch an Easter parade, hopefully they'll have better looking Easter Bunnies then PetSmart.

Monday, 27 March 2017

New stuff

For those of you that have followed Sunki's blog and mine you know the issues my daddy has with getting around the city, not all the subway stations are accessible, same with the GO train stations. And it generally takes a very long time to get anywhere, mostly because there aren't any direct routes to places that we go.

So our city transit company has a fully accessible branch, that is all they do, transport disabled people around the city. And it's not like regular transit, this one goes from point A to point B directly, no having to switch between buses, subways, streetcars etc to get to where we want to go. We don't have to walk 5 minutes to the nearest bus stop, in fact we get picked up at our apartment and taken directly to where we are going. The only time we've been able to do that is when we use Uber, but Uber is, well, uber expensive. The great thing with Wheel-Trans is that the fare system is somewhat the same as on regular transit, tickets, tokens, passes etc, so it doesn't cost quite as much as Uber does.

There are just a few minor things daddy would fix about it, like an app that shows you when and where the vehicle is that will pick you up, right now it's a rough estimate plus or minus 15 minutes.

The drivers aren't all that consistent when it comes to pickups, by that I mean they don't come in to find the person they are supposed to be picking up, they sit in the vehicle and wait, if no one shows up they leave a notice and leave. Why they can't check when they go in to leave the notice, we don't know.

Now, me and daddy did our first trip, well, first official trip, on Wheel-Trans on Saturday. It went okay, except for two minor problems. The first one was that daddy over estimated how long we'd be when we were shopping, he thought 2 hours would be just enough, it was 90 minutes to much. Even with stopping to talk to our friends in the store, we were done in 30 minutes, so we went and sat down in McDonalds and daddy had lunch, which left 45 minutes to wait. Luckily daddy had all his gear with him to keep him entertained.

Oh, and I am discovering the joys of playtime outside my pen, we are finally down in the big apartment. But I told daddy that we need toys to play with, it's so boring just running around (plus the floor is really slippery, I keep wiping out), so me and daddy are going toy shopping on Friday to see if we can find stuff (using Wheel-Trans to get around).
I swear I was there a nanosecond before, I'm to fast for daddy's camera

I figured out how to get up on the couch all by myself

cuddling next to daddy

I need toys daddy, it's so boring

Can I have some pets daddy

Chewie's making all kinds of noise over there
 My pen is the one to the left of the picture, the white is Chewie's pen
I'm a content little bunny.... for the moment

Daddy put this silly hat on me, and in public no less
Daddy has also come up with a new game to play, it's called Trunk Tetris. The rules are simple, fit everything into a cars trunk. For example, on saturday, we were picked up in a car type taxi. There was already an elderly lady in the car (they double up sometimes), her walker was already in the trunk. So, daddy and the driver had to try and move the pieces around (a box, the ladies walker and my stroller) into the square trunk, and be able to close the lid, it took a couple of tries, but they worked out the puzzle and made everything fit. Of course daddy would have helped the driver unload things, but we couldn't get out of the car, the child safety lock was on, so the door could only be opened from the outside.

Friday, 17 February 2017

An important milestone has been reached

Today, Friday February 17th 2017 is 300 days until Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi opens in theatres.
Now, it might seem like a long way off, but we do have some information about it. Because Jedi in English is both singular and plural  (it means both 1 Jedi or Jedi order, more then one), it doesn't tell us much. But, when we look at the title is different languages we get a lot more insight, for example, the German translation of the title has Jedi as plural it tells us that the title means more then one. So Luke, Rey, Finn (maybe) and Leia are the last Jedi. I'm still not convinced that Finn is a Force user, or even Force sensitive  (Force user are Jedi/Sith, Force sensitive can sense the Force but can't actually use it).

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Happy Birthday to a Scottish poet

Today is Robbie Burns day, Robbie Burns was a Scottish poet that was born January 25 1759, he died July 21 1796. But, in that short time he became the national bard (poet) of Scotland.

He penned several poems and songs, the most used song is one everyone sings on New Years Eve, Auld Lang Syne. He also wrote Address to the Haggis (which is why Haggis is associated with Robbie Burns Day).

This is what Robbie Burns looked like.
 And just because this is my blog......
Here I am in my Black Watch tartan vest at a Scottish festival last year.
 This is Auld Lang Syne done by one of our favorite bands The Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

Oh, and before I finish this blog, I have important Star Wars news. On Monday Disney announced what the name is going to be for Star Wars Episode 8, so, here is what it is called.
Star Wars Episode 8, The Last Jedi.
And the title has been staring us in the face since the opening crawl of Force Awakens. Below is the text from the opening crawl of the movie, I've circled where the new title appears.
The opening crawl from Force Awakens.
There is only 7779 hours to go until opening day (that's 324 days). And just for fun as of the time of this blog there is 466750 minutes away from opening.