Tuesday, 1 December 2015

So Busy part 2

Daddy was contacted by a girl named Emily who goes to college and works at the college's radio station. She was doing a story on people and their service animals, and she had stumbled upon Sunki's blog and his Facebook help page. Well, daddy talked it over with grandma, granty Flo, and us, and we all decided it might be a good idea to at least meet up with her and talk about it.
So that is what me and daddy did, we met Emily at a food court and talked about what the show would sound like.
Then last week me, daddy, grandma and Emily all sat down in a studio at the station and did the interview. Do you know how boring radio interviews are? Very boring, especially when ones stroller is parked facing the wall. By the end of the interview I was ready to chew some wires or pee on the table or any number of other things, just to break the boredom.
A behind the mic shot of me and daddy.

SO BORED!!!!!!!

Finally, something fun, getting down and playing on the ground.
 I did get to play for about a second or two while Emily took more pictures of me, then..........
Dang it daddy, I was just starting to have fun.
I gave everyone my best disapproving face for ending my fun early.
But, as it turned out, it was to go else where and have more fun. Me, daddy and grandma then went to a place where they serve human food, and daddy and grandma had dinner. Daddy later told me that when Sunki was alive they would do that too, just the three of them. I kept trying to see what grandma and daddy were eating, but couldn't really see. I asked daddy if I could try some of what he was eating, but he told me that it wasn't anything bunnies could eat.
After our dinner grandma had to go work at the theatre (more on that later), me and daddy had to go get something from another kind of theatre.
We got tickets to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens
So, on Friday December 18th at 4:45pm EST me, daddy and granty Flo will be watching Star Wars.

Now, I referred to this other kind of theatre that grandma works at, they don't show movies there (at least not on a regular basis). Instead they have kind of live movies, where people act up on a stage. Sunki used to go with daddy when he volunteered there, and he had to be dressed up all fancy.
Sunday I got to go with daddy and granty Flo to see one of these live movies, grandma was working at the theatre that night too. We were seeing a rock musical in the upstairs theatre (oh, I forgot to mention that there are two theatres in the same building, one on top of the other). The top theatre is called the Winter Garden, it's decorated to look like an outdoor theatre, leaves, tree trunks, lanterns etc.
This is the show we saw

See the name Dee Snider, daddy tells me he is the lead singer to a heavy metal band called Twisted Sister. A few years ago that band put out a Christmas album done in heavy metal style, the show is sort of based off of that album. Daddy likes Twisted Sister from when he was a little kid, he "borrowed" (See; stole it for an extended period of time) a tape of their music from his big brother (my uncle). So, getting to see Dee Snider on stage (okay, it wasn't a Twisted Sister concert, but it had TS songs in it). I haven't seen daddy this excited in sometime, I think the last time was when we went to Fan Expo.
After the show me and daddy rushed around to the stage door and waited for hours (at least it felt that way), out in the cold. Finally Dee Snider came out and daddy got his copy of their Christmas album autographed.
We also got our picture taken with him.
My very first celebrity picture
Daddy gave our card to him, so Dee, if you're reading this, ROCK ON DUDE!!!!!!
Daddy wasn't the only one to come away with a souviner from a show at that theatre. Remember I said that there were two theatres, well the lower theatre had a funny kids type show going on at the same time. Daddy got me a new stuffie from that show.
My new stuffie
The show is called Peter Pan in Never Wonderland, apparently my stuffie is the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland fame.
Now, for some random pictures that don't really fit with anything else in this blog.
My new droid, BB-8, this one moves and "talks"

In my hoodie, a second later I had shook my head and I was free of the hood

Exploring granty Flo's apartment
It's my stroller, I chinned it
The Christmas tree daddy added to the front of my stroller, it lights up.
 In five days, me, daddy and granty Flo are going to a smaller version of Fan Expo. It's just one day, one room and only the retailers and artists are going to be there. It's sort of their version of a Christmas show. Of course, me and daddy are going to be in our costumes, so expect a lot more pictures of us to pop up here next week.

Oh, and that Santa Paws guy I talked about in part 1 of this 2 part blog, he comes on December 24th, which is 24 days away. Daddy told me that he brings presents to all the kids (furry or human) all over the world, in just one night.

So busy part 1

We've been so busy here that I haven't gotten a chance to post many blogs, so here is an update on what has been happening lately.

Halloween, me and daddy went to a couple of parties. The first one had a costume contest, both me and daddy entered, him in the adults category and me in the pets category. Neither of us won, but it made daddy so mad that he lost, especially to the crappy costume he lost to.

 Anyway I lost to a stupid dog that was in a dinosaur costume.
Would you put this costume below 1st place?
The next party we went to was a BIG street party downtown, there we just wandered around and looked for a couple of our friends.

After Halloween there is a special day to remember the army guys that have served in the army or have died in the line of duty, daddy says it's called Remembrance Day, and it is a day he takes very seriously. We went to a "quiet" service, I put quiet in quotes because it was anything but quiet.
Would a quiet service go around handing out earplugs?
This is the reason for the earplugs, big guns going boom.
I was a little startled at first, but saw that daddy wasn't scared so I sat in the stroller and watched what was going on.
Sunki came with us too (because he was daddy's little army brat), we all wore these fake flowers called Poppies which have a poem written about them by a doctor during a war a very long time ago.

Now, on to a few fun things. There's this guy who lives way up north, his name is Santa Paws and he brings toys to good girls and boys once a year. Well, our city held a big parade in his honor. Daddy took me to see him in the parade.
Daddy insisted I had to wear this silly thing.
Daddy also helped me and Chewy write letters to Santa Paws, and when we were at the parade people came along and gathered all the letters (I guess they were his helpers or something)
Mine and Chewy's letters to Santa Paws
Well, a few weeks ago we got letters back from Santa Paws himself.
Santa's letters to us

Santa's letter to me

Here you can read what Santa wrote to me a little better then the picture above
Santa's letter to Chewy

Chewy's letter so you can read it.

Thursday, 15 October 2015


My Toronto Blue Jays are moving on in the postseason.
It wasn't looking good with the Jays losing the first two games, but, with me in my new jersey they came storming back to win three straight. Although that last game yesterday wasn't looking good for a bit, but a BIG home run put the Jays up 6-3.
So tomorrow we will be facing the Kansas City Royals in the American League Championship Series, it's a rematch from 1985, talk about Back To The Future moments (the present in BTTF is 1985, the future is October 21 2015).

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Awesome holiday

Do you guys know about this awesome holiday that is coming up at the end of this month? Daddy says that it's called Holloween, and that humans dress up and just go out for fun. The little humans dress up and daddy says that they go house to house getting treats, I want to do that too, I mean free treats!!! But daddy says that the treats that are given out aren't good for bunnies, and that I wouldn't get to eat any of them.... So unfair.

Daddy told me today that he would get us treats so we could pretend to go trick or treating (that's what they call going from house to house that night). Daddy did promise me that we would go to a big street party that night, and we'd dress up in our costumes.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Culture = boring

Last Sunday me, daddy and my granty (great grand aunt) went to a festival called Word on the Street. Now, don't get me wrong, I like festivals as much as the next bun, but this one was misnamed and really really boring.
First of all, the name Word on the Street would suggest it would take place on a street, right? Well, it didn't, it was held in a cultural area down by the lake. Sure, there was a street nearby, but it wasn't part of the festival.
Secondly, the festival itself. As the name suggests it is a literary festival, books, magazines etc. Basically if it has words in it it'll be in this festival. There wasn't a single book or magazine I was remotely interested in, nothing on bunnies (or caring for your human), and only a few things about Star Wars. Mostly I just sat in the stroller and tried to get into as much trouble as I could so daddy would take me home...... it didn't work.

Daddy did take pictures of me, and there was a few interesting moments.
giving daddy the RBB for not taking me home

daddy attached a waterbottle to the stroller

My LED sign, which has several phrases on it. My favorite is "Come to the darkside, we have bunnies & bacon, but mostly bunnies!!!"

The waterbottle, it's attached with velcro straps

Demanding that we go home right now

Giving daddy the stink eye.

This was Sunki's last Word on the Street festival, so I guess I can forgive daddy because of that.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Fan Expo and new Star Wars stuff

Last Saturday me, daddy, grandma and my cousin Robbie all went to Fan Expo, but the day before me and daddy stopped off at a Disney store to see what new Star Wars toys they had.

There is a BB-8 droid that you can control with a smart phone, they didn't have any of those. But, they did have one thing of BB-8, a stuffie version. Can you guess what daddy got me, yep, he got me that.

You can find all of the pictures from Fan Expo here.

My first Bunfest

I'm sorry this post is a little late, all of us have been taking it slow and recovering from Sunday. Daddy most of all, he had to spend Sunday night in the hospital because of a meltdown he had at Bunfest earlier in the day.

Okay, now on to the fun stuff. My uncle Matthew couldn't do Bunfest this year, so daddy had to scramble to find a replacement to help us. As it turned out, we didn't really need help to take photos and video, but then my brother Chewbacca wouldn't have been able to attend his first Bunfest too.

Daddy woke up extra early and got all of our stuff ready to go, and waited around for the replacement to come down. Daddy was not happy, his friend took to long and we missed the bus, which meant we didn't have a trip plan to follow. Daddy gets frustrated when the plan he made doesn't work (that might have contributed to the problems he had later in the afternoon). We had to take an extra bus, and daddy didn't have time to go get breakfast between buses.

Once we got there things just fell apart further, daddy's friend took off for 30 minutes, and left daddy on his own to look after both of us and try to do the job on his own. I'm amazed we got as many pictures as we did, let alone the 90+ we have to show you.

I don't really want to spend the whole blog rambling on telling you about my adventures (plus I have to let Chewbacca on to do his blog), so I'm going to post a few pictures and a link to the rest of them. Oh, and daddy says that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I've got tons of words to share.

These are the new t-shirts in the Rabbit Rescue store.

I got to hang out in the Bunny Flop Cafe, how do I know it's me? Zoom in real close and you'll see my bunny tag.

Daddy made a meme out of this picture

Bunny Torture Area (otherwise known as the Bunny Spa)

Having a quick snooze

I smell other bunnies nearby

What a cutie

This little one was wondering everywhere on the table saying hi to everyone.

This is the Guelph Rat Save group, they rescue rats, mice and other small pets

Such disapproval in this bun, he is strong with the Dark Side of the Force

Daddy didn't get us any treats or toys from the store


This lady was selling her bunny paintings

More disapproval

Big bunny

Wait, that's not a bunny.

This bun has a "1" on his nose

We lops have a ton of disapproval

This one was exploring everything

Glamour Shots, I don't think that grass is real little bun

I've got to be clean for my new fans

More of the bunny paintings

These tote bags were for sale, and you can find out more about them here and buy them here

Loafing around

The sign out front.
The meme daddy made
All the pictures can be found here.