Tuesday, 1 December 2015

So busy part 1

We've been so busy here that I haven't gotten a chance to post many blogs, so here is an update on what has been happening lately.

Halloween, me and daddy went to a couple of parties. The first one had a costume contest, both me and daddy entered, him in the adults category and me in the pets category. Neither of us won, but it made daddy so mad that he lost, especially to the crappy costume he lost to.

 Anyway I lost to a stupid dog that was in a dinosaur costume.
Would you put this costume below 1st place?
The next party we went to was a BIG street party downtown, there we just wandered around and looked for a couple of our friends.

After Halloween there is a special day to remember the army guys that have served in the army or have died in the line of duty, daddy says it's called Remembrance Day, and it is a day he takes very seriously. We went to a "quiet" service, I put quiet in quotes because it was anything but quiet.
Would a quiet service go around handing out earplugs?
This is the reason for the earplugs, big guns going boom.
I was a little startled at first, but saw that daddy wasn't scared so I sat in the stroller and watched what was going on.
Sunki came with us too (because he was daddy's little army brat), we all wore these fake flowers called Poppies which have a poem written about them by a doctor during a war a very long time ago.

Now, on to a few fun things. There's this guy who lives way up north, his name is Santa Paws and he brings toys to good girls and boys once a year. Well, our city held a big parade in his honor. Daddy took me to see him in the parade.
Daddy insisted I had to wear this silly thing.
Daddy also helped me and Chewy write letters to Santa Paws, and when we were at the parade people came along and gathered all the letters (I guess they were his helpers or something)
Mine and Chewy's letters to Santa Paws
Well, a few weeks ago we got letters back from Santa Paws himself.
Santa's letters to us

Santa's letter to me

Here you can read what Santa wrote to me a little better then the picture above
Santa's letter to Chewy

Chewy's letter so you can read it.

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