Monday, 27 March 2017

New stuff

For those of you that have followed Sunki's blog and mine you know the issues my daddy has with getting around the city, not all the subway stations are accessible, same with the GO train stations. And it generally takes a very long time to get anywhere, mostly because there aren't any direct routes to places that we go.

So our city transit company has a fully accessible branch, that is all they do, transport disabled people around the city. And it's not like regular transit, this one goes from point A to point B directly, no having to switch between buses, subways, streetcars etc to get to where we want to go. We don't have to walk 5 minutes to the nearest bus stop, in fact we get picked up at our apartment and taken directly to where we are going. The only time we've been able to do that is when we use Uber, but Uber is, well, uber expensive. The great thing with Wheel-Trans is that the fare system is somewhat the same as on regular transit, tickets, tokens, passes etc, so it doesn't cost quite as much as Uber does.

There are just a few minor things daddy would fix about it, like an app that shows you when and where the vehicle is that will pick you up, right now it's a rough estimate plus or minus 15 minutes.

The drivers aren't all that consistent when it comes to pickups, by that I mean they don't come in to find the person they are supposed to be picking up, they sit in the vehicle and wait, if no one shows up they leave a notice and leave. Why they can't check when they go in to leave the notice, we don't know.

Now, me and daddy did our first trip, well, first official trip, on Wheel-Trans on Saturday. It went okay, except for two minor problems. The first one was that daddy over estimated how long we'd be when we were shopping, he thought 2 hours would be just enough, it was 90 minutes to much. Even with stopping to talk to our friends in the store, we were done in 30 minutes, so we went and sat down in McDonalds and daddy had lunch, which left 45 minutes to wait. Luckily daddy had all his gear with him to keep him entertained.

Oh, and I am discovering the joys of playtime outside my pen, we are finally down in the big apartment. But I told daddy that we need toys to play with, it's so boring just running around (plus the floor is really slippery, I keep wiping out), so me and daddy are going toy shopping on Friday to see if we can find stuff (using Wheel-Trans to get around).
I swear I was there a nanosecond before, I'm to fast for daddy's camera

I figured out how to get up on the couch all by myself

cuddling next to daddy

I need toys daddy, it's so boring

Can I have some pets daddy

Chewie's making all kinds of noise over there
 My pen is the one to the left of the picture, the white is Chewie's pen
I'm a content little bunny.... for the moment

Daddy put this silly hat on me, and in public no less
Daddy has also come up with a new game to play, it's called Trunk Tetris. The rules are simple, fit everything into a cars trunk. For example, on saturday, we were picked up in a car type taxi. There was already an elderly lady in the car (they double up sometimes), her walker was already in the trunk. So, daddy and the driver had to try and move the pieces around (a box, the ladies walker and my stroller) into the square trunk, and be able to close the lid, it took a couple of tries, but they worked out the puzzle and made everything fit. Of course daddy would have helped the driver unload things, but we couldn't get out of the car, the child safety lock was on, so the door could only be opened from the outside.

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