Sunday, 5 November 2017

So much fun redux

Let me start off by telling you about something called a Tattoo, now, to most people, a tattoo is a picture that someone has inked on to their bodies. It's supposed to be "art" but to me, it's just gross and ruins what is beautiful in its original wrapper.
The Tattoo I'm referring to is military in origin and used to be called a TapToe. Way back when soldiers used to go into towns and hang out in taverns, this is known as being "off base" in military terms. Well, to get all those, now drunk, soldiers back to base a regimental drummer would march up and down the street calling out TapToe, or "Turn off the Taps", this was a two-part signal. The first part was to tell the tavern and innkeepers to stop serving drinks, and second for the soldiers to return to base (usually a camp outside of the town). Eventually, other instruments were added, such as the fife. Soon there was a whole military band marching along the streets, and soldiers would fall in and march behind the band back to camp. This became known as a Tattoo, military bands and pipes and drums putting on a show to entertain the townspeople.
Last week me, daddy and granty Flo went to see one of the oldest and longest running Tattoos, it wasn't live (but that would have been awesome), but they did show it on a big movie screen in a theatre, so it was almost like being there. The event is called the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (Royal because the Queen has given her approval for it). In fact, the officers who were the special guests (they returned the salutes as the performers marched off) were HRH Prince Charles and one of his sons Prince William.
Me and daddy hope that this will start a new tradition of showing the Tattoo here on a movie screen, and faint hope though it is, actually bringing the Tattoo here live.
The poster for the Tattoo
In my Stroller at the theatre

Okay, now to one of my many favorite holidays, Halloween. Daddy was excited to show off his brand new costume, he'd only worn it once before, back in September for Fan Expo. And he added a few things to it since then, so this was the first chance he'd gotten to put it all together. Daddy was grumbling to himself when we were at the street party, people kept calling him Boba Fett, neither of his costumes aren't even close to being like Fett's. True the two characters are both from Mandalore and both are bounty hunters, but that is where the similarities end. In fact, Boba isn't even a true Mandalorian, he's a clone of Jango Fett, who was the basis for the clone army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.
Whoops, went off on a rant, but we need people to know there are more characters wearing that kind of armor then just two guys, there's a whole planet.
Anyway, me and daddy hung out at granty Flo's place until it was time to go over to the party, which means I got to run around and explore her place. That's really fun because there are so many little places I can hide and pop out and scare them, plus her place isn't bunny proofed like my house is.
We don't have a picture of daddy in his costume from Halloween, we asked granty Flo to take it, but she messed the picture up completely.
Daddy's new weapon for his costume

It's not going to look like this when he gets finished with it.
A better idea of what it will look like, the parts under the green tape are going to be painted silver.

In my stroller on Halloween, daddy added lights so everyone could bask in my awesomeness.

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