Sunday, 14 January 2018

My Granty Flo is in hospital

Last week my granty (great grand aunt) had to be rushed to the hospital, now at the time we weren't sure what had happened, just that she sounded like she was coming down with something when daddy talked to her the day before.
We later found out that she had had a mild heart attack brought on by the stress of having a flood in her apartment (we know all too well what that is like). Yesterday daddy got to talk to her for a short time on the phone, she has a viral infection and they are treating her for that, we think she might be released sometime later this week. So next week we will go visit her when she is at home and a little better, plus daddy has to go get some more blank cards to make her a get well soon card, daddy was going to start one last night but he discovered he didn't have any blank ones left. The good news is that we have two mother's day cards already for May.

Now, on to some slight more fun things, I showed off the three (technically 6) collectors cards we got when we went to see Last Jedi last month, I also said that we had sent away for the rest of the collection. Well, those cards came in the mail last week, we have doubles of three of them now.
The first three pictures are of the ones we got on December 14th.
First card in the set

These next cards are from the rest of the set, these are the ones that came in the mail last week.

I love the Porgs

The helmet is a First Order gunner's

Two of my favorite droids from the new trilogy, black and silver is BB-9E and the other one is BB-8
 Now, you might remember daddy had bought one of the Judicial axes that the Executioner troopers use, and he repainted it, well he's made it even better.
This is what it looked like right out of the store.

Really boring looking right
 Now check out how awesome it looks now!!!!
Daddy painted it black and silver like the rest of his weapons

Then he added some EL wire (that blue rope stuff)

This is what it looks like in the movie, pretty close to the real thing don't you think?
Now, this bit of information hasn't been confirmed, so I don't know if it's true or not. But, Princes William and Harry were the two executioner troopers in the movie. Of course, there are lots of cameos in the movie, the director of Rogue One was in the big battle scene on the planet.

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