Monday, 2 April 2018

Pets, Pets and more Pets Part 2

Well, me and daddy had loads of fun on Saturday at the Spring Pet Expo, although our day started and ended with a little bit of anxiety.
We live pretty close to the border of Toronto and Pickering, so in order to get to the Pet Expo, we had to travel almost the entire length of the city, and a little ways into Mississauga. This trip wouldn't have been so daunting if Wheel-trans could go all the way to the International Centre (where the expo was being held). Instead, we had to be dropped off at a mall near the border and once we got there found the information we had on bus routes was completely wrong, that would have been a major problem as it was still too far for us to walk. Luckily we have a backup source of transportation, UBER, so we were able to get a ride there and back to the mall (oh, and I have something interesting to tell you about that mall later).

Anyway, once we got there trying to find the area we wanted (small pets) proved to be slightly more difficult then we had thought (even finding our way back to the exit was a challenge). After wondering forever we eventually found the small pet area and found my prey new friend. As I told you in my last blog I really wanted to meet Otis, the Contential Giant bunny, well, I got to meet him. And we found out that Otis was already dabbling in the Darkside, so all it took was asking him to be my new apprentice. I can now introduce Otis, now called Darth Sito, as my new Sith apprentice.


Now Darth Sito

I was even able to turn another to the Darkside, his name is Dozer (he's a not so mini-pig) I've given him the name of Darth Rezod (other animals are already afraid of him, I witnessed a few dogs cowering behind their humans), and best of all Darth Rezod likes Crasins too.

There were a few people that wanted to pet me, and daddy had to tell them no because I was working. Well, daddy found a solution to that problem, he found a thing that is supposed to go over a leash that says DO NOT PET, the lettering is in black with a bright yellow background. Daddy had to alter it a bit so it would work for us, but it now has Velcro on it and goes on the front of my stroller, hopefully, people will see it and obey the sign. Sadly the other leash cover daddy bought, which said WORKING we lost on the way home, it wasn't nearly as important as the DO NOT PET one, but it still would have helped. Daddy asked the lady we bought the covers from if she could do a custom version that had SERVICE BUNNY on it, she said she could, but it would be something we'd have to order and have shipped to us, however, the cost was just too much for us to afford at the time.
My new sign, it's now got velcro on it so it stays on my stroller

If you look close there are some bunnies in the tunnels

A $25 voucher for our favorite pet store

Daddy got me and Chewie one of these rings.
 Okay, now I can tell you about the mall we stopped at. It's called Woodbine Centre, it was opened in 1985 and is the only other mall in Canada that has an indoor amusement park. The other mall is the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta.

Oh, and one last thing before I end this blog, last Thursday me and daddy got a new Blu-Ray movie, yep, we got The Last Jedi.
We watched it as soon as we got home last week.

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