Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Culture = boring

Last Sunday me, daddy and my granty (great grand aunt) went to a festival called Word on the Street. Now, don't get me wrong, I like festivals as much as the next bun, but this one was misnamed and really really boring.
First of all, the name Word on the Street would suggest it would take place on a street, right? Well, it didn't, it was held in a cultural area down by the lake. Sure, there was a street nearby, but it wasn't part of the festival.
Secondly, the festival itself. As the name suggests it is a literary festival, books, magazines etc. Basically if it has words in it it'll be in this festival. There wasn't a single book or magazine I was remotely interested in, nothing on bunnies (or caring for your human), and only a few things about Star Wars. Mostly I just sat in the stroller and tried to get into as much trouble as I could so daddy would take me home...... it didn't work.

Daddy did take pictures of me, and there was a few interesting moments.
giving daddy the RBB for not taking me home

daddy attached a waterbottle to the stroller

My LED sign, which has several phrases on it. My favorite is "Come to the darkside, we have bunnies & bacon, but mostly bunnies!!!"

The waterbottle, it's attached with velcro straps

Demanding that we go home right now

Giving daddy the stink eye.

This was Sunki's last Word on the Street festival, so I guess I can forgive daddy because of that.

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