Tuesday, 3 May 2016

GTA Collectables Expo

Daddy was feeling rather depressed about missing ComicCon back in March (remember he was sick for most of February and March). Well, he's been looking for things to go to so he can dress up in his costume (and me in my costume). There's been a few chances that ended in disaster, a cosplay picnic that got canceled at the last minute.

But Saturday night daddy was looking at posts on Facebook, he found an event happening on Sunday. I should point out that daddy found this event at 2am, the event started at 10:00am (which left 8 hours to get ready and sleep for a bit). The event was called the GTA Collectables Expo, it was a very small, very basic ComicCON type event (but ComicCon has been copyrighted up here, so no one is allowed to use that name).

Daddy got my stroller ready (putting the TIE fighter shell on, and putting all my toys in), then got his costume ready to go. Then he went back to bed.

I "love" my BB-8 stuffie

Daddy got me a bunch of toys to play with (chew on).

Playing with my hay carrot

Looking cute and innocent for everyone (but daddy knows better)

Getting cleaned up to look even cuter for the ladies.
They had a costume contest, daddy made it into the final 10, but lost to three people.
Afro Samurai, The Joker and Harley Quinn (these two were the winners) and me and daddy.

Daddy bought the crossbow and modified it at the event to make it into a Bowcaster.

This is what a bowcaster looks like from the movies
Daddy also added a whole bunches of spikes to his costume.
Daddy's leg armor

These would really hurt

Daddy's gloves, there are 20 spikes on each glove.

Daddy's helmet.
The girl is named Blackcat (I think she might be from the Marvel Universe)

You can see most of daddy's costume.
Daddy joked that a Mandalorian bounty hunter can never have to many weapons, he lost count of how many he has.
Look in the back ground of the picture above, there was live professional wrestling (daddy wasn't impressed by it, he says he's been spoiled by the WWE wrestling).

Oh, there was also a guy that invents things in his backyard (probably in a garage or workshop), the stuff he makes are working prototypes of things from Hollywood and videogames.
The guy with the mic is the inventor, the contraption in the foreground is something he invented.
 The Delorian time machine is NOT a working prototype!
Two guys trying to lift the Delorian

Four guys (including Afro Samurai) can lift it with a lot of effort

The inventor in the exoskeleton can lift it by himself (there's a lady and a kid inside the car)

Can you spot another iconic prop from the Back To The Future movies, hint it's flat and hot pink.
Tomorrow me and daddy are heading downtown to a BIG Star Wars day party, I'll be posting another blog on Thursday telling about how that went. Until then, May The Force Be With You.

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