Sunday, 8 May 2016

Star Wars Day 2016

Back on Wednesday there was a big party to celebrate Star Wars, daddy tells me that the forth day in May is Star Wars day because it sounds like May the Force be with you (May the Fourth be with you). Of course there are three other days in May that we celebrate too, the 1st of May because it is written like 5/01 but if you take the slash out it looks like this 501, which is of course the Stormtrooper legion. The next one is May 5th and it is said like this Revenge of the fifth (Revenge of the Sith). And the last day is also a very special day for daddy too, that day is May 14th. Daddy calls it Thank the Maker Day, George Lucas (the guy who created Star Wars) was born on May 14th 1945 (daddy was born some years later on May 14th 1972).

Okay, I bet you're all ugently waiting for the report on what happened that day, I'm getting to it.
Me and daddy left early to go downtown, he wanted to get a special belt for his costume (which he didn't get because it was way more then what he wanted to spend). We were about to head to my granty Flo's place to hangout until it was time to go down to the party, but she had to leave to go visit my great grandma (more on that later). So, me and daddy had to find something else to keep up entertained until the party started.

As we were walking down Yonge St (which is the longest road in the world) daddy found that he had lost the gloves to his costume, he was kind of mad at himself for it. So we went in search of replacement gloves that could be quickly modified to match his costume, once we found those daddy had to spend some time modifying them (which killed about 30 minutes).
These are the gloves daddy lost.

By the time daddy had finished with his gloves, and had gotten something to eat it was time to go to the party.
This is where the party took place, the square and in the Hard Rock Cafe which is top center of the picture

Daddy in his costume in the square

My May 4th MEME

Hanging around all those filthy rebels, so I gotta clean up

Daddy in the costume contest.

One of our friends from Order 416, he's dressed as Poe Dameron
 Order 416 is a Star Wars costuming club, only their not as strict about the costumes, which is what daddy likes about them.
It was well past my bedtime, so I was starting to get sleepy.
Now, back to why we couldn't go hang out with my granty Flo, my great grandma's health had been getting bad for the last few months. The human vets said that she was nearing the end of her life and family should go see her quickly. My granty Flo is her sister, so she had to be with her when she passed.
I am sad to report that Friday morning my great grandma finally passed over the rainbow bridge, I'm sure that Sunki was there to greet her. This Wednesday is the funeral and daddy says I have to be extra good (it means I have to get dressed up in my formal clothes, but then so does daddy). This will be the first time I get to meet the rest of daddy's family, I'm really looking forward to that, although the setting could have been a little happier.

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