Tuesday, 14 June 2016

I got to play outside on the ground

I know, Sunki got to do that a lot when he was alive, but since daddy brought me home I haven't had many chances.

Sunday me and daddy went to an arts and crafts festival, it was held in a park. Daddy also contacted his real life Facebook buddy, and we were going to meet up with him down at that park.
Me and daddy arrived right on time (daddy's a stickler for arriving places on time), we wondered around and looked at the artists and talked to a few of them (especially the ones that did art that had bunnies in it). After wondering daddy had to sit down and rest for a bit, he also had to change out of his jacket because it had gotten a little warmer. So daddy let me get down on the grass and play, at first I stayed really close to him, but I got braver as time went on.
This is really strange stuff

I'm not sure what to do here daddy

Daddy says we needed vitamin D, whatever that is.
 We waited for quite a bit for daddy's friend to show up, I got really sleepy, so I climbed up into daddy's arms and dozed for a bit.
DO NOT DISTURB bunny sleeping
After I'd had a bit of a rest I played some more, and got brave enough to venture out to the end of my leash (about two lengths of my stroller).
I peed in this spot, at least I think I did.

I think there might be other bunnies in this park, I don't remember peeing here.
When daddy's friend arrived we went to a place that sold mini pepperoni sticks made with exotic meats. Daddy's friend got him two packages made with kangaroo. We think it might give daddy a bit more hop in his step.
Daddy's friend got him two of these packages
 A little later on we were sitting on a bench some ladies bought a couple of daddy's cartoon cards, so daddy had a bit of money and he went and bought this other package made with llama.
This is made with llama meat
In a couple of weeks me and daddy are going to a pet festival, daddy has entered me into a best dressed pet contest during that festival. I'll let everyone know what happens after that event. I want to win, daddy says the prize is $1000 dollars. However I'm not sure I really want to win after daddy said what he wants to do with the money, he wants to get me and Chewbacca fixed.
Here's a video daddy took on Sunday of me playing in the grass, it's with his new phone and is raw unedited video.

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