Tuesday, 23 August 2016

So many exciting things to do

In just under a week me and daddy will be going to a big fair, daddy tells me that him and Sunki used to go to it every year before they discovered Fan Expo.

Well, on Monday we are going, but not alone. We'll have my granty Flo, daddy's cousin and his partner with us. We are going to rent a wheelchair for her, she has trouble walking long distances, so that should help her get around. We were going to rent a Boy Scout to push her around, but with one other person with us daddy and Scotty (Daddy's cousins partner) can take turns pushing her.
An interesting side note to the wheelchair/Boy Scout rental, when daddy was younger he was the first one in his district to volunteer to do the wheelchair rental (it's run by the Boy Scouts). The district gave daddy an award for volunteering, the next year a whole group of Scouts from his district volunteered there. Daddy always tells people that "his job was to push disabled people around"...... when they give him a horrified look he finishes by saying ".....in wheelchairs".

Then next Saturday we are going to Fan Expo, there we are going to be with my grandma and cousin. Daddy's cousin and Scotty and one of daddy's friends. There are lots of things we want to do there, top on the list is getting an autograph/picture with Mark Hamill. A few weeks ago daddy wasn't sure if we'd be able to get that, you see his price is $195, but daddy's friend is getting his picture taken with him, so we're going to piggyback with him to get a picture.

A couple of days after Fan Expo is an air show, daddy says that depending on how much we spend at Fan Expo will determine where we watch the air show from. So it's either going to back at the fair, or on a beach.

I'm not sure what adventure I'm more excited for, I guess all of them.

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