Wednesday, 11 October 2017

So much fun

Last Sunday me and daddy took grandpa to see the Toronto Marlies play (my favorite hockey team), they were playing the Utica Comets (Utica is east of Syracuse in New York State). Grandpa hardly gets to go anywhere fun like sports, so that's the reason we took him. Although he was a little grumpy because of some lights that were shining around the arena, he thought they were from some people on the opposite side of the arena shining the lights from their cell phones, but they were actually part of the scoreboard. Daddy explained to me that grandpa had an operation on his eyes, and he likely couldn't see clearly enough to figure out where the lights were actually coming from.

When we left, which was midway through the 3rd period, the game was tied at 3. When we got home, we found out that the Marlies won 4-3. We are also going to another game in a few months (February 10th) that's the Marlies Star Wars night, which means we get to dress up in our Star Wars costumes and watch hockey at the same time.

Here's some pictures that daddy took.

You might notice a couple of new stuffies in my stroller
Daddy got me a bunch of new Star Wars stuffies a few weeks ago.
This is BB-9E, the First Order version of BB-8

This is a Porg, it's one of the species that inhabits the island where Luke Skywalker lives

I also got a new Artoo

photobombing my Porg
Me and daddy are going to be doing some reading soon, he got a book for us to read together.
The book me and daddy are going to start reading soon, I gotta learn about my past.
I got a couple of new lightsabers, daddy is going to use them too.
It's a pen set, and their so much cooler

They light up, the blue pen writes in blue ink, and the red writes in red ink.
I also got a new stuffie when we were at the game.
This is Duke the Dog, he's the mascot for the Marlies

He's cute, for a dog
On our way out of the arena to get our ride home, we stopped to talk to a nice lady, she gave us a very special collectors coin.
This is the coin celebrating 100 years of Maple Leaf hockey
Daddy has put this coin in with the rest of our collectibles, we're going to see if we can find something to put it in to protect it.

Daddy says that we are going to a reunion this Saturday, it's to celebrate 50 years of his old highschool, they are going to be opening a time capsule that they sealed a long time ago. Daddy doesn't know if we will meet any of his old friends from when he went to the school, but at least we might know a couple of people there.

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  1. That looked like so much fun as will the reunion,xx Speedy