Monday, 8 May 2017

Hoppy Star Wars Day

Yep, today is May 4th, which means it is Star Wars Day (because it sounds like May the Force). Daddy and me (and uncle Tim) are going to a big party downtown today. There's gonna be a costume and trivia contests, there's also a raffle for a trip for two to Las Vegas (daddy says that if we won, we wouldn't be going because he couldn't bring me).
Unlike last year, which was sunny and warm, this year is cold and wet, so no pictures outside like last year. There's still going to be plenty of pictures taken though, just that it will be inside.
As of today there's only 224 days to go until Star Wars Episode 8; The Last Jedi opens in theatres, that's only like 7 months to wait, lots of stuff to keep us busy until then.

Last week me and daddy went on a bit of a Star Wars shopping spree, getting two collectable action figures (a Deathtrooper and K-2SO, both from Rogue One). And daddy needed a third pillow, so he also needed a new pillowcase, which we found in a dollarstore (Star Wars themed of course).

Deathtrooper on the right and K2 on the left

The Deathtrooper (from Rogue One)

K2 (also from Rogue One

Daddy got Boba Fett a few years ago for his birthday

The pillowcase, would you believe daddy paid $4 for this!!!
Last Sunday (April 30th) me and daddy went to an awesome cosplay party, the party itself was rather boring, but the place it was held at was pretty awesome. The group that hosted it was the same group that hosted the cosplay beach party last year (the one where daddy had to be taken to the hospital). Well, the one on Sunday was held indoors at a bar, like I said, the party was rather boring, it was the bar that made it worth going. The name of the bar is See-Scape, and it's a theme bar, the theme being Sci-fi. It has video games (Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation) and board games.
Now, before we got Wheel-Trans, we would have had to leave extra early so we could get home (without having to walk a very long way), but because we have Wheel-Trans we were able to stay until 10:30 pm (well past when we would have had to leave to catch the last bus home).

This is one of the themed booths, there's 3 more

Daddy seems to fit in with the decor
Someone was naughty and took a picture of me and my stroller without asking

Daddy sent a message to the person who had posted these pictures.
Tonight we're staying until 11:00 pm. Daddy thinks it's great that he can stay out later then before, and still get home without having to walk a long distance in the dark.
Because this blog is being finished after May 4th, I can go into a little more detail about the party. We got picked up by a Wheel-Trans bus, and driven all the way downtown (without having to transfer between different modes, it used to take an hour, Thursday it was 20 minutes). Me and daddy went in full costume (because we didn't want to haul bags etc around), plus knowing the place where the party was, daddy knew there wasn't much room to store things like that.
Me in my stroller in my costume
Daddy up on stage during the costume contest
 When daddy went up on stage the crowd went wild (he was also the only Mandalorian there).
Daddy won a prize in the contest, this Stormtrooper (this guy is almost one foot tall)

He's slightly taller then I am when I stand on my back feet
 The Stormtrooper is now standing guard outside the door of my pen, as he should be, I mean I am the Emperor.
The top prize went to one of our friends and we have to say that it went to a worthy person (daddy knows how hard he worked on his costume, just as hard as daddy did).
This was from last year, but his costume is just as good now as it was then. (he was dressed as Poe from Force Awakens)

In 6 days it will be daddy's birthday, it's also Mother's day, and my grandma and grandpa's wedding anniversary (oh, it is also a birthday for someone else that without them I wouldn't have my name, I speak of course of George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars). Daddy's not sure what we are going to do or who we might be doing something with, stay tuned to hear what we do.

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