Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Paper work is hard

Yesterday me and daddy went to get something important done, he needed to get his health card renewed. Well, things like that can take a very long time to do (apparently it used to take hours to do something simple like getting a new card). Not anymore, now daddy booked an appointment, we went in, got a little piece of paper, got called to a window, and daddy had his picture taken and that was it, it took less then 5 minutes to get everything done. Of course daddy had figured it would take much longer, so had booked our return trip home for 4:40pm, we were finished just before 3 pm (1 hour and 40 minutes to wait for our pickup). And the mall we had to go to was BORING!!! One long hall, boring stores, no free WiFi anywhere, and very little in the way of places to sit.
Luckily daddy had his gadgets to keep him occupied, oh, and of course he had me too. So we had lunch, daddy had KFC, I had cilantro and dandelions. Daddy sat and ate, and played a game on his tablet, and listened to music (putting his headphones on keeps people from talking to him, or at the very least blocks out the noise).

This weekend is the Victoria Day long weekend, daddy says we might go watch fireworks at a beach (as long as there's a beach, we've had some major flooding along the lakeshore and parts of it are still underwater). Daddy said we might not even get to go over to the islands and his favorite beach until later in the summer, most of the Toronto islands are flooded too (the city says that it might be well into July before they open to the public).

We are going to take it slow and easy for the next few days, it's been very hectic around here lately, and we need some quiet time to ourselves to recover.

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