Monday, 12 June 2017

Scary happenings

Tuesday last week started as just a normal day, but when daddy got up so we could go shopping that's when things got really scary.

Daddy was getting things ready to go, our pickup with Wheel-Trans was 2:45pm. Daddy was in his bedroom getting dressed, when a big scary fire monster appeared by where daddy had some computer stuff. Both me and Chewbacca started to thump to scare the fire monster away, it didn't work, in fact the fire monster got bigger. Daddy heard our thumps and came to investigate, that's when he saw the fire monster eating his computer stuff. Daddy went out into the hallway, when he came back in he had a red tank thing with a black hose attached to it. He aimed the black hose at the fire monster, and white smoke came out and weakened the fire monster, he shot more white smoke at the fire monster and finally killed it, but the white smoke went everywhere.

Daddy got me and Chewbacca out of our pens, put me in the stroller and Chewy into a carrier and took us out into the hallway where it was safer. Daddy had pulled the fire monster alarm, and the firemen came to make sure the fire monster was really dead (it was). But in doing battle with the fire monster daddy breathed in some of the bad stuff, so the paramedics came and took all of us to the hospital to make sure we were all okay. We couldn't go home, there was still to much bad stuff in the air, so instead we went to stay with my granty Flo.

On Wednesday the air in the apartment was okay, but the white smoke had turned to powder, and it was all over the place. Daddy left Chewy here at home, he was safely in daddy's room in his pen. Daddy grabbed a few items for me and him, then we went back to stay with granty Flo for another night.

Thursday we came back home and waited around the whole day for someone to come clean up, a guy did finally showed up, but all he did was take pictures, ask questions and offer a loud machine thing. Nothing was going to get done about actually cleaning up the aftermath of the fire monster battle. So daddy did it himself, sweeping, then mopping until the stuff was cleaned.

I can now say that everything is sort of back to normal, although one of daddy's computers was destroyed by the fire monster, and his laptop stopped working right (daddy is working on fixing that problem right now and we should be back online with it by next Sunday), I'll post a bigger better blog then (because there's been lots of cool stuff happening).

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