Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Well, Sunday was a lot of fun. But before I go into that, I want to do a couple of other things.
Yesterday (September 12th) is my grandma's birthday, so I want to wish her a very hoppy birthday.
Okay, now that that is all out of the way I can go on to tell you all about my exciting weekend. We'll start with Saturday, that was the day of the Beach Celtic Festival. Granty Flo did get there, but rather late, and Uncle Tim came by for a few minutes to say hi. Granty Flo takes Wheel-Trans too, and she had scheduled her pickup time for exactly the same time as us, which was 1730 (5:30pm), but our ride came first about 15 minutes before our pickup time, which left granty Flo sitting on the sidewalk waiting for her ride to show up. There wasn't much we could do for her, our destinations were in opposite directions, daddy called her yesterday and she did get home safely

Now for my favorite day of the weekend, BUNDAY!!!!! errrr Sunday!!!! Which was the 10th annual BUNFEST!!!!!!!!!!!
It was SUPER AWESOME, we were picked up by daddy's friend, my new uncle Andrew in his car. It took a few minutes to get everything loaded, with a little bit of "trunk Tetris" we managed to fit my stroller in there. I also rode in the carseat I mentioned in my last blog, it was kind of scary at first, but daddy put it in a spot where I could see him and he could see me.
This is an old picture of Sunki in the carseat, but you get the idea
When we got to Bunfest, uncle Andrew gave daddy the $60 he owed him, and daddy gave me $20 to spend on toys (but I had to buy two of every toy so that Chewbacca got a toy too). Daddy also said that he would buy the treats for us, more on the toys and treats later.
This year daddy didn't volunteer, and managed to get through the day without any of the major problems he had in previous years. He thinks it's due to the increase in the medication his doctor gave him, and not having to worry about producing anything. We might try to volunteer, doing the same job as previous years (taking pictures and video for my blog) only scaling back on everything and not trying to stay the whole day.

Okay, now I get to show everyone our haul from Bunfest.
I bought:
2 willowballs
2 willowrings
2 seagrass mats
Daddy bought
1 box banana muffin cookies (our favorites)
1 bag of willow leaves and twigs
4 bags of oat groats

Daddy also had professional pictures taken of me, we don't have those yet, but they should come in an email fairly soon. In the mean time here is a picture of Sunki in his professional picture taken quite some time ago.
He's wearing his supercape in this picture.
When I got my picture done I had my Darth Vader shirt on (I hope the lady got that in at least one picture).
But daddy did take a couple of pictures of me that I can share with everyone right now.
No bunny wants to play with me, I need treats to cheer up with.
This was so boring, nothing to advise daddy on what to do.
 The wonderful lady that runs Bunfest took a really great picture of daddy, she didn't get me in the picture, but she did get my stroller.
Daddy had to use a computer trick to get this picture.
But, as you can see from these pictures, me and daddy had on our matching t-shirts.

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