Saturday, 14 July 2018

Star Wars week

Today is May 1st which means it's Empire day 5/01 (501st Legion), tomorrow is my Empire day 5/02 (502nd Hopper's Paw, that's my group on Facebook). May 4th, of course, is Star Wars day, and May 5th is also called Revenge of the fifth (Revenge of the Sith), that day we are going to a new comicon, this one is WAY out near the airport at a mall (me and daddy stopped in there last month on our way to and from the Pet Expo).

I sort of forgot to finish this post, so I'm going to jump ahead to today and update what has been happening since then.

The May 4th celebration was awesome as always, we also got video greetings from some Star Wars celebs, the last one was my favourite, Alan Turduk (who played K2S0 in Rogue One). Because next years date falls on a Saturday they are going to plan an all-day event, and some of the celebs may come too.
Saturday was really cool, we went to that mall we stopped at on the way to the Pet Expo in April, you know, the one with the amusement park inside. Well, that mall had what is possibly the smallest con ever, there were 10 vendors, no celebs (not even Z list actors, which would be scraping the bottom of the bucket), and a wrestling show, which to be honest was the only remotely interesting thing that they had, if for no other reason then the wrestlers were dressed up in pop-culture costumes (Green and Blue Rangers from Power Rangers, and Elmo, who won his match against Spongebob). We did, however, meet up with daddy's cousin and his partner (also daddy's old high school friend), and we hung out for the day.
Daddy says his costume is finally finished, this was taken at the mallcon

Daddy bought this drawing of Boba, it's our first piece of Star Wars art that we paid money for.

Daddy bought these thinking they were props (plastic) with the intention to add them to his costume.......

......But, there's a tiny problem, these throwing knives are actually real, so they won't be becoming part of his costume.
All of May we were hyped to go see the new Han Solo movie, which was called Solo: a Star Wars Story. Well, daddy surprised me with a birthday present, he took me to see it on June 2nd, it was awesome!!!!! 
Our ticket to go see it.

See, this is my Birthday boy button that I've had since I turned 1

Rechinning to make sure everybun knows it's mine.

My friends at the Disney store made this extra special birthday button for me.

This is my present from daddy, I wasn't allowed to see it until my birthday, luckily it was the next day, so I didn't have long to wait.

The family birthday present, daddy says it had a bad influence on me.

This is my birthday present, a BIG beach towel/blanket

Checking out my towel, now if daddy would only take me to the beach

I like this towel

However I disapprove of daddy covering me up with it.

This is my birthday cake.

Chewies Birthday cake.
Daddy also found a few things from the new Han Solo movie, at first we were rather disappointed in the lack of stuff for the movie, but since the opening a lot more stuff has come out.
Back Pack, wouldn't hold much for us, but I guess it's more for kids.

Daddy did buy one of these water bottles, but it's wrong, I'm his co-pilot, cause Chewie stays home.

These are Han Solo's lucky Sabbacc dice, you see them in The Last Jedi and they are featured quite a bit in the Solo movie.

They're my lucky dice now

Hung in my stroller, it's what passes as a cockpit for me.

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