Sunday, 12 August 2018

Cosplay beach party

Yesterday me and daddy went to a cosplay beach party, daddy didn't go in costume (he learned his lesson from previous years where he'd ended up in the hospital) I did go in costume and had tonnes of fun, I even got to use my beach towel I got for my birthday.

The first cosplay beach party we went to, it's the one daddy ended up in the hospital
Shaking it out before a good groom

I'm not sure what to do on this green stuff

It smells like I could eat it

Something going on over there that I disapprove of

Daddy plucked my butt, that's the fur that came out

I think she's dressed as an anime character called D.Va 
Daddy laid out my beach towel for me

Showing off my beach towel

I might decide to flop on this, but not right now

Time for a groom

Washing my foot

A professional picture taker took this one of me
When we were walking back to where we were being picked up by Wheel-Trans daddy found some sand for me to try.
Not sure I like this stuff

I told daddy that I didn't like sand, it's course and irritating and gets everywhere.

Nope still don't like this stuff

I'm going over there on the green stuff

We also got the last two pieces of the prize we won back in March, a card game and $25 (it was supposed to be a gift card for a wig, but neither daddy or me wear a wig, so we got the cash value.
This is the card game, daddy is going to sell it or give it away. Considering we don't have friends that play these kinds of games.
Daddy also got a few of the things he ordered off the internet.
This is supposed to be a blade called a Kurkhi, which is a knife the Gurkha use. It's a lot smaller than what it was supposed to be.

The blade is made in the style of Damascus Steel.
 Damascus steel is made by "folding" the metal over and over as the blade is being forged, that's how it gets such an interesting pattern.

Daddy also got a replacement for the pen he lost, this time though, it's chained to daddy's belt so it can't be lost.
We've also got our tickets for Fan Expo at the end of this month, and tickets to the CNE (also at the end of the month).
Ohhh, and on Tuesday me and daddy are taking my granty Flo to see Christopher Robin, I picked out her present and I can't wait for her to see it.
I got a new friend to go with us on Tuesday, this is Eeyore 

He makes a great pillow.
Using my best "I'm so hungry" face to get treats after our shopping trip.

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