Monday, 5 September 2016

Fan Expo 2016

On Saturday me, daddy, grandma, my human cousin Robbie and daddy's cousin Andrew, and his partner Scotty all went to Fan Expo. Me and daddy met up with Andrew and Scotty at the TTC station and led them over to the convention centre, mostly because those two would get lost getting out of a wet paper bag.
Almost all of us were running a little late, me and daddy missed the bus we needed to take to get to the train station, so we Uber'd it over (we could have taken the subway, but it was shut down most of the way we needed to go). And wouldn't you know it, just because we were running late and just made it to the train station, the train was running late.

Once we got inside we headed for the food court so the humans could have lunch, I already had my lunch, snacks, dinner etc. After lunch we split into two groups, Andrew and Scotty went off to do their thing, we'd meet back up with them later in the day.
Daddy and Robbie were getting a little overwhelmed by the loud noises (for some reason someone thought it was a good idea to have a DJ playing noise in the hallways), so daddy led grandma and Robbie to the family room, which was slightly quieter. Robbie had a nap for a bit, and me and daddy went to look around the retail area. Unlike last year, when we used cell phones to keep in contact (which didn't work so well), this year daddy had walkie talkies, we got one, grandma and Robbie got one, and Andrew and Scotty got the last one. They worked, as long as we were in the same building (the convention center is divided into two, a North and South building, everyone started in the South building), so me and daddy were able to be in contact with grandma and Robbie.
Daddy had some small episodes (meltdowns, panic/anxiety attacks) but was able to control and manage them better this year. Daddy thinks it was because of two factors 1) being given a little responsibility for Robbie at different times during the day, and 2) the big photo op later in the day.

Now, you know we wouldn't come back without any pictures, so I'll start out with some fun Star Wars pictures with Daddy and Robbie in them.
This is the Blast-A-Trooper, daddy's shots are nicely grouped on the Stormtroopers helmet.
Daddy and Robbie borrowing stealing a speeder bike from under the Empires noses

I think the Bikerscout is on to you guys, you'd better make a run for it.
Speederbikes are fun to ride (as long as there aren't any trees around).
 You'll get that joke about the Speederbikes if you've watched Star Wars Episode 6 Return of the Jedi.

Robbie wanted to play a LARP (Live Action Roll Playing) game where you shoot at zombies, so daddy took him to a room so he could do that.
See the little white things on the table, those are the "ammo" for shooting the zombies
Here comes the zombies, time to start "shooting' them.

Almost all dead
Zombies lining up to attack again

uh oh here they come again

What are you waiting for Robbie, start firing.

Two left, get em

Oh, daddy also found something else, here I pause for a special message.

SPOILER ALERT (not really)
Daddy found out what happened to Han Solo after he was stabbed in the stomach, by Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) on Starkiller Base. He didn't actually die, someone found him.
And froze him in Carbonite...... Again....
Now, for the BIG photo op that I refered to earlier. Last Monday we were very excited because daddy's friend Tim was getting his picture taken with a celebrity and said that we could piggyback on his. By Thursday Tim had contacted daddy with a very big surprise, he'd gotten daddy his own photo op with the same celebrity. Who was this big celebrity you may ask? Well, he's done the voice for a Batman villain on a cartoon, he's also played the part of a villain on The Flash, and he's played a Jedi in four of the seven Star Wars movies. Give up?
It's MARK HAMILL of course.
He's done the voice of The Joker in the Batman cartoon, The Trickster on The Flash TV show and of course Luke Skywalker in four of the seven Star Wars movies. So, in that picture above from left to right is, grandma, Robbie, Mark Hamill, Daddy and me (I was a little shy meeting such a big star, so I hid.)

Now for some silly pictures daddy took of Robbie.
Robbie trying on Daddy's helmet, he looks really silly in it.

Robbie trying out the ghost trap from Ghostbusters

Oh, and just before me and daddy left, we recreated a famous picture from two years ago.
This is the original picture, Sunki sitting on the Emperors throne.
And here is the new picture, me, sitting on the Emperor's throne.
You'll probably notice that I'm a little grumpy looking, it's because of that stormtrooper hamming it up, he's supposed to be protecting his Emperor, NOT goofing off for the camera. Guess I'll have to Force choke this trooper to set him right.

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