Sunday, 25 September 2016

T-minus 8 hours 50 minutes to go

Yep, just 8 hours and 50 minutes to go until Bunfest. Both my grandma and grandpa are coming, and both of my human cousins are coming too *claps Paws together* It's gonna be so awesome.

The not so awesome part, daddy is still threatening to have me tortured there (nail clipping and depending on how much they are charging, a brushing too). Brushing I can stand, nail clipping not so much, but daddy says I now have razor sharp claws instead of cute bunny nails, and everytime he picks me up for a cuddle he gets scratched up (not to mention getting covered in my fur).

On Saturday we were heading home on the bus and daddy and I met a family with the cutest little girl, I think she was just over a year old. Anyway, daddy picked me up so I could say Hi! To her, when he put me back in my stroller he complained that I had started a fur blizzard (a Flizziard if you will) with all the loose fur that started flying around. It's not my fault though, it's shedding season...... and Chewbacca is shedding worse then I am and daddy isn't complaining about him.

Daddy says I have to end this blog because we have to be up early today so we can get to Bunfest and set up our gear.

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