Friday, 23 September 2016

Not quite ready yet

Well, things are changing a bit from our original plan.
The original plan was that me and daddy would do everything by ourselves on Sunday, then take Uber home. We'll,  it's changed a little, we'll still be doing most of the day on our own. But we won't be taking Uber home, nope, instead grandma and grandpa and my two human cousins are going to come for the last 90 minutes to an hour, then they'll drive us home. We're not sure if my older cousin Robbie (the one we took to Fan Expo earlier this month) is coming, if he does come we're going to put him to work. Daddy is thinking that he'll give Robbie a camera and ask him to go take pictures of stuff, so we might have a special little section in my story with some of Robbie's pictures. Awesome, right?
Bunfest is only 2 days away, and I'm even more excited then ever. Even though daddy is going to have me tortured there, he says I need a good brushing and my nails trimmed. I guess it's okay, though, because daddy says that if I'm good he'll get me toys and treats too, so I'll endure the torture if it means I'll get stuff to play with and eat.

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